United Citizens Of The World

The United Citizens of the World is a non-profit, grass roots political organisation, focusing on policies that make ordinary peoples lives better.

We think that a sensible, secular, science based, rational policy that transcends religion, money and party politics and focuses on making life better for everyone is well overdue.

We are tired of governments and corporations putting profits before people,
We are tired of religion being imposed upon the non-religious,
And we are tired of fearmongering, tradition and personal opinion being put before reason and logic.

Visit our principles page to see our views on specific issues such as the economy and drug reform.


We are currently setting up political parties for the UK, Australia, Canada and Norway. To get involved visit the forum


24/08/2011 An interesting look at the development of corporations and how they are being treated like people.
To view our policy on corporations, view our principles page

Original link: www.good.is/post/video-the-story-of-stuff-eplains-corporate-money-in-politics