Oversettelse av Manifestet

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Oversettelse av Manifestet

Postby Sir Trek » Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:44 am

Forente Verdensborgere er en ikke-kommersiell grasrotbevegelse, som fokuserer på politikk som vil skape et bedre liv for folk flest.

Vi tror at det er på tide med ett fornuftig, sekulært, og rasjonelt manifest, som går forbi religion, kapitalisme og partipolitikk og fokuserer på å skape ett bedre liv for alle.

Vi er lei av at regjeringer og store firmaer prioriterer overskudd foran folk.
Vi er lei av at religion skal påtvinges ikke-religiøse.
Og vi er lei av at tradisjoner og personlige meninger blir satt foran fornuft og logikk.

Vår politikk:

Vi tror på:
  • Enkeltpersonens rett til å ha den religion man måtte ønske, og muligheten til å ytre sin mening om den tro under ytringsfriheten, samt praktisere sin tro så lenge den ikke krenker andre sine rettigherer eller tvinger folk til endre sin livsstil.

To be translated

-That belief of any sort should not have an automatic right to respect from others, other than the respect given to their right to hold that belief. Respect from others is earned, usually from open, evidence based debate.
-That the state and religion should be separate.
-That policies of government should not be primarily based upon any religious doctrine

Political Reform
We believe that:
-Politics should be free from influence of money, religion and special interests.
-Politicians should not be under influence from big business.
-Funding from big business to politicians creates great conflict of interest.
-Politics should not merely be a popularity contest.
-Politicians primary interest should be in the welfare of their citizens.
-Money should not be able to buy influence in government.
-All parties should have equal exposure for thier policies, allowing voters to make an informed decision.
-All voters should be given sufficient information on party policies to make an informed decision.
-All children should be given sufficient education on how the political system works.

Economic Reform
We believe that:
-The current economic model (corporate capitalism) is in need of reform.
-The current economic model causes inherent inequality, promotes a culture of greed and over consumption and places profit before people.
-The current economic model encourages personal greed, admiration of selfishness and the overimportance of fame for fame's sake.
-The current system can stifle innovation, for example through the practice of sitting on patents.
-The current system causes conflict of interest between the pursuit of profit and the rights and interests of individuals on an unacceptable scale.
-The economy should ensure decent standards of living even for the poorest in society.
-The economy should promote and reward innovation.
-Financial inequality in society should be reduced.
-The economy should recognise the value of people over that of profit.
-Businesses should provide good working standards for all employees. This includes allowing employees an acceptable amount of free time outside of normal working hours.
-Government should develop comprehensive strategies to deal with the economic impact of increased automation on employment and plan for a post-scarcity economic model.
-Success should be measured in increased gross standard of living and contentment rather than increased gross national product.

We believe that:
-Current copyright law is outdated and unfit for use given the technological advancements of this century.
-Copyright law must move away from imposing artificial scarcity on commodities.
-Copyright law must acknowledge the great positive benefits of freely sharing information.

Drug reform
We believe:
-That the current 'War on Drugs' has caused great human suffering, has cost trillions of dollars, has not reduced harmful drug use and has encouraged large criminal cartels.
-That the current treatment of drug use as a criminal issue is non-effective, has driven the issue underground and has harmed many innocent people.
-That current drug scheduling is greatly disproportionate to the social or personal harm caused by individual drug types.
-We recognise that recreational drug use has always been, is and always will be, a part of human nature, such is the case with alcohol, tobacco and caffeine use.
-We recognise that responsible 'recreational drug use' and 'drug abuse' are two different phenomena and should be treated as such.
-That some recreational drugs such as cannabis should be legalised with restrictions similar to that of alcohol and tobacco.
-That drug policies should ensure safety for recreational drug users, promote sensible and responsible use and provide medical help for those with drug abuse problems.
-That drug abuse should be treated as a social health issue not a criminal issue.

We believe that:
-Education should be free for all, including higher education.
-Everyone has a right to a basic education.
-Places for higher education be provided based on merit rather than ability to pay, social status or religious or political affiliation.
-Religious doctrine should not be taught as scientific opinion or fact.
-Religious belief should not be promoted in school.
-Funding for education and research is extremely important and essential to the continued prosperity of humanity.

Evidence based thinking
We believe that:
-Evidence based thinking holds great value and can benefit humanity greatly.
-Government policy should be formed through rational, evidence based discussion.

We believe that:
-Healthcare should be free to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.
-Preventative measures such as vaccines, health awareness campaigns and school sports programmes are very important.
-Some conditions lack research into treatment because they do not present an opportunity to profit. This is unacceptable and provision needs to be made for this.
-Euthanasia should be legal and available in special cases such as terminal illness. In addition we believe that prolonging the life of someone in permanent serious mental and physical pain when they show a prolonged desire to die is tantamount to torture.

We believe that:
-The unemployed have the right to a basic decent standard of living.
-That the unemployed have the right to assistance in finding a job.
-That current systems reduce incentive for employment as the average minimum wage salary is little above that of unemployment benefit.
-That the able unemployed should be encouraged to get work, not through punishing unemployment but through rewarding those that work.
-That work should be made attractive to the unemployed.
-That the unemployed have the right to assistance with training and development of skills with a view to employment.

We believe that:
-The justice system should work to prevent crime.
-The justice system should use prison only where other methods have failed.
-The prison system should focus on rehabilitation of prisoners over retribution to ensure that they lead positive, crime free lives once released.
-The prison environment should encourage positive activity from prisoners and discourage negative behaviour.
-Prisoners have the right to a basic but fair standard of living.
-Prisoners have the right to access education in prison.
"Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized." - Albert Einstein
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