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Is this icon an empty heart?

Postby 162 105 375 845 281 » Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:05 am

Hey guys, I'm a bit upset tonight a bit pissed actually. Not really mad at anyone just mad at the attitude people have. It seems they have withdrawn their sense of compassion - thus the empty heart icon lol.

I see hate becoming a bit more common these days in real life and on the web. One of the things that really got to me lately was a post by a gentleman on the L.A. Times blog (California, USA). His comment was not the first I have heard of his type, actually his opinion is oft represented in the para military groups in our country and somewhat on the republican media outlet. It saddens me to hear they say these things, but I see it in the general media a lot too.

A brief synopsis, ever since the DSM changed, there has been a movement to 'force treatment' on people with 'severe mental illness' (SZ). Personally I would rather not but not everyone is as involved in healthcare and alarmed and following this crap like I am, and they don't know a squad of 5 or 6 is going to come after them. Lots of us have been trying to alert the establishments that their 'training' on handling 'the mentally ill and homeless' is EXACTLY NOT WHAT YOU DO unless you would like the person to run away so you can legally chase them down and kill them because they were 'resisting'. I did not talk about the dead officer in any bad ways but I did equate all of the deaths police criminal and innocent in that area as unnecessary and costly for everyone (trust, co-operation, and I understand the on-the-job-getting-shot incidents for them has been up by a lot so there is even more fear of them now as they fear us more too).

I edited it because he deleted his post about half an hour after I responded, so I reposted it for him and omitted all links and his last name but I wanted to show people what was said and exactly what it was doing -
Mark ,
Wow, Graham.Just in case you missed it, here's a bit more about the man you have completely ignored in your rant (hyperlink). And here's a bit more about the miscreant who took him out: Notice that he was driving a late model Audi (courtesy of hard-working taxpayers) and living for next-to-nothing (yup, you guessed it: courtesy of the taxpayers again), and showed his gratitude by -- what?: (hyperlink) His caseworker apparently thinks that getting free stuff from "the man" constitutes a success story. Maybe his (& yours) combination of perpetual victim and entitlement junkie have something to do with what you term a pesky little "stigma".

I did edit my post after they deleted it, this one just doesn't name who I'm talking about but its obvious of course.
Thanks mark, I'm glad people like you speak up because you are the public active voice of the (removed) that are now gagged about their open hatred and ideas of 'preclusion' of individuals who are not organized as one group and do not share the same views or goals they would be assumed to be precluded for. Things like 'miscreant', 'courtesy of hard-working taxpayers' (twice), 'living for next-to-nothing', 'showed his gratitude', 'getting free stuff from the man constitutes a success story' (and throwing the caseworker in too), and then implying him and I have a 'combination of perpetual victim and entitlement junkie' are direct evidence that hatred like yours exists and is even supported and has been harnessed into our (establishment) and culture.
You give everyone a chance to witness, exactly HOW we go about 'dehumanizing' another 'miscreant'. Dig up enough of his past you'll find enough mistakes, apply them, tell the public they are paying for other people to drive an Audi, and for him to live for next to nothing. Unfortunately none of this makes human life less valuable, Mark, but by stringing it together you displayed a wonderful job of dehumanizing somebody. At the end you suggest its not stigma, then you tied me to your own of me and it appears you took liberty to judge the man's life as well.
PS: please, Mark and others, contact the appropriate persons about the allocation of everyone's tax money before justifying the death of a man as an economic benefit.

So there you have it. He deleted his post about 30 minutes after. As you see I took the liberty of copying it.

Does this happen often where you are too? Is it acceptable?
Why do I screw up my links? Because my posts have been deleted on various news and medical sites and because if I link it here and you click it here, it means you heard it through here but if you put it into your browser, the website gets a hit.
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